The Great Dave does Tea For Two

The Great Dave - Leo Bonne, 5 Clubs-web The Great Dave - Leo Bonne, Uni spoon-web

The Great Dave’s obsession with tea has led him to abandon his country’s traditional poise and execute a trick “rarely seen outside of The Chinese State Circus”. Watch and be amazed as he kicks cups, saucers and a spoon on to his head, whilst riding a unicycle!!! What sort of a mad man does that? The Great Dave has “brewed up” his special blend of bumbling English comedy in every corner of the world over the last 20 years. His cheeky smile and self-depreciating sense of humour will make you love him from the outset, but his lovable antics are only the tip of this enigmatic iceberg.

The Great Dave’s show “Tea For Two” serves you the perfect blend of high skill, improvisation and comedy. He is a juggler with a difference, obsessed with the English tradition of tea. Milk and two sugars, three metres in the air, on one wheel, balanced on a pole or kicked in the air and caught on his head? The man is funny, really funny, and he does some amazing things with tea cups and saucers, spoons, sugar cubes and a unicycle. He will leave you reaching for more of his delightfuly playfull sense of humour, and who knows……. maybe a nice cup of tea!

The undenied highlight of the show…so humourous that the audience laughed until they could laugh no more!” – Neuepresse


The best I have ever seen” – Emma Thompson



"The best I have ever seen" - Emma Thompson


"The highlight of the show…" - Bild