Married Men



Dave Evans and Mat Ricardo have worked together on and off, professionally for more than 20 years. This “ marriage made in heaven” was originally conceived back in 1987 when marriages lasted more than 5 minutes. Fresh faced, naïve and impressionable, Dave Evans (AKA The Great Dave) and Mat Ricardo met and instantly discovered that they had something special. Fine-tuning and honing their act on the streets of Covent Garden, they have been dazzling audiences with their quick-fire wit, unique skills and endless bickering ever since.

This totally unique show takes the magical ingredients of juggling, comedy, improvisation and superb characterization and brings them to you via the enduring relationship that is “Married Men”.

A smorgasbord of freshly delivered physical and verbal comedy garnished with a fine selection of “gentleman juggling”, seasoned with charm, finesse and a bit of domestic upheaval. We hope you enjoy your meal.

Everything that is set for dinner is either juggled or manipulated in some way… teacups, saucers, spoons and knives. All building towards a finale that has to be seen to be believed. Yes the tablecloth is pulled clean of the table but does he really manage to put it back on again, under all the stuff, in reverse… while still juggling!!!!

Do not miss this totally unique yet vaudevillian style trick that will literally leave you questioning your own eyes.


The highlight of the show…flying plates, knives and saucers as well as the old tablecloth trick, but also in reverse…something to be savoured” – Bild



"The best I have ever seen" - Emma Thompson


"The highlight of the show…" - Bild